Armed Robbery Defense Lawyer in Virginia

Differentiating the Robbery and Armed Robbery, there is nothing different if we look at the charges and the penalties. Although, if the criminal uses any firearm then he has to spend at least three years in the prison, which is mandatory according to a statute. There is a statute which covers all of the crimes including robbery and the felonies. Except for Virginia, there are some other states which include knife in the armed robbery category; whereas, if we talk about Virginia, only guns and the firearms fall in the armed robbery. It is known that if a person uses a gun while convicting robbery crime, then the charges are very severe, and if there has been any activity with the weapon during the robbery, then it becomes even more complicated and tough. The code of Virginia has all of the laws for the robbery crime, and that is classified as Second Degree Robbery and First Degree Robbery.

If you have convicted a robbery crime such as Second Degree or First Degree, then the outcomes are very severe. They can send you to jail for the rest of your life depending on the charges you have got. The question raises after the convictions and the charges, can it be defended? Can you hire a lawyer in your favor and fight for your innocence? The answer is yes; you can hire a lawyer and fight to prove your innocence.

Who do you need to contact?

To save your case and to prove yourself innocent, you need to hire a criminal lawyer in Virginia. But, you need to do it before your hearing begins and once you get to know that the police is investigating for the armed robbery case you are involved in. Why? Because it will get more time for the lawyer and you for better preparation of the case and you can clarify the facts there are involved in your case. How do you get to know you are being investigated? Well, the police department will not do anything hideously and will come to arrest you at your place or wherever you are living. You need to surrender yourself and go with them, and then you can ask them for the lawyer. Until then, no officer will bug you or disturb you. As soon as your lawyer comes, you can start discussing the case with him/her. If you suspect that you are under the radar and you are going to be investigated soon for the armed robbery case, then you can directly reach out to any criminal attorney and discuss the possibilities and start preparing for your case. It is always recommended that you should know at least a single criminal lawyer who can help you out in any situation. Be prepared for it even if police reaches before you have talked to an attorney. You have your legal right to call a lawyer and do things in your defense.